Welcome to the 2008 Venice IQP wiki

Term B'08 marks the 20th annivesary of the Venice Project Center. There are 28 IQP students going to Venice in B08, as well as 4 MQP students (CS). Everyone is expected to arrive in Venice on October 19, 2008 and leave on December 13, 2008.

Summer Preparation Assignments

The goal over the summer is that all of the WPI students going to Venice will acquire a basic understanding and appreciation for Venice's Art, History and Culture, and will also master some essential Italian language skills.

All MQP and IQP students are expected to complete the summer assignments. Please note that the Italian tests are only available between specific dates during the summer, so read the Italian language requirements carefully. As for the other assignments: you can complete them in the order you prefer, but we recommend you start with the CULTURE assignment, which should give you a broad view of the other two. Completing the Culture assignment first may also help direct your selection of specific topics for the History and Art components.

Highly Recommended Preparation Activities

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Tentative B08 IQP Titles

  1. The origins of Venice (DNA, Archeology, Genesis of Forma Urbis)
  2. Living in Venice (socio-economic issues: housing, retail, cargo transportation)
  3. Being Young in Venice (Santa Ve, Postmodern Postmortems, URG, PMOG, Giovani Veneziani)
  4. Getting old in Venice (demographics, affordability, epidemiology, mobility, healthcare)
  5. Moving around Venice (Water Transportation and Pedestrian modelling, Redfish)
  6. Visiting Venice (tourism, student guidebook, reviews, blogs, RSS, ratings, everyblock, etc.)
  7. Preserving Venice (UNESCO Restorations, Preservenice, Public Art, Church floors and belltowers)
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