Project Areas


  • Is public art finished? What's next?
  • Church floors?
  • Paintings? The Accademia?

Art Preservation

  • If public art ISN'T finished…
  • It's great that each project updates or adds to the catalog, but what we have now is a catalog with data for most objects taken exactly once. How do you maintain a catalog like this?
  • PreserVenice…

Boat Traffic/Wakes

  • The moto ondoso is molto male.
  • WPI has done lots of work in this area (ambulances, cargo delivery, Redfish)

Canal Maintenance

  • ??


  • People dying, people leaving


  • Should "Venice Underground" be revived? - see "The Tourist Maze"
  • Closing of stores


  • Some past projects, including public art, have dealt with the Venetian education system. This might be an interesting area, although hard to "get into" in a seven-week period.


  • Lagoon stuff?
  • I know this is all about Venice 2.0, but maybe it wouldn't hurt to have one or two projects still working on IQPs as have been done in Venice historically, working in the field, collecting data, etc.

Garbage Disposal

  • People leave trash all over the place.

Historic Boats

  • Arzana. Are we done here?

Social Networks

  • Is there any way to make this socio-economic? Perhaps to use it as a way to keep young people from leaving Venice?

Venice 3.0

  • An IQP that looks to the future

Venice Data Repository

  • Is anybody working on this right now?
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