In keeping with the innovation-oriented approach to all aspects of the Venice Project Center operations in this anniversary year, we have revamped the Italian language preparation as well. The first part of the language prep is the self-instruction that takes place over the summer.

  • Read Prof. Carrera's Blog entry about our approach this year
  • Review the list of most frequent Italian words provided (START NOW)
  • Each test will ask for the Italian translation of 30 English words and phrases, including nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions and simple phrases, selected at random from the list provided. While it is valuable to be able to translate both English-to-Italian and vice versa, it is more immediately useful to know how to formulate your English thoughts in Italian.
  • Tests do not get harder over time. The four tests are of the same length and content, but with randomly selected questions. While statistically nearly impossible, you could theoretically get the same test twice.
  • The reason for having four tests is to reinforce the learning at specific intervals.
  • Take tests on myWPI on the SPECIFIC INTERVALS we have set up (always 12:05am on the starting date to 11:55pm on the closing date):
    1. June 16-22
    2. June 30-July 6
    3. July 21-27
    4. August 25-31
  • You will have a final test on the most frequent Italian words on October 6-12 (not part of summer assignment, and in class with no references allowed).
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