Summer Assignments

All MQP and IQP students should complete the following assignments.

Please note that the Italian tests will be available ONLY between some specific dates, so read the Italian language requirements carefully. You will not be able to procrastinate on the Italian exams.

You can complete the other assigments in the order you prefer, but we recommend you start with the CULTURE assignment, which should give you a broad view of the other two. Completing the Culture assignment first may also direct your selection of specific topics for the History and Art components.

Art, History and Culture

As part of the 20th anniversary of the Venice Project Center, we are planning to release to the world a Wikibook completely dedicated to Venice. Our specialized wiki uses the MediaWiki engine and delves deeply into minute details about all aspects of Venice. Its level of specificity makes it inappropriate to incorporate its entries into Wikipedia itself, but we plan to link to it as a hyperlocal sub-wiki.

Your assignment for the summer is to complete THREE (3) entries in our Venice WikiBook. You must complete one entry in the Art category, and one in the History category. The third can be from any of the three categories. Culture categories, while scarce, are the most "fun," because they involve reading a book or watching a movie. As such, you are advised to start with your Culture entry early. This list we have created gives you a wide variety of starting ideas.

Click on each item on the following list for detailed instructions about each of the three entries:

To learn how to make format an entry in our Venipedia, please read MediaWiki's generic editing instructions. Further specific instructions are located on the list page.


In keeping with the innovation-oriented approach to all aspects of the Venice Project Center operations in this anniversary year, we have revamped the Italian language preparation as well. The first part of the language prep is the self-instruction that takes place over the summer. To read about the assignment and tests, visit the Italian page.

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