Summer Preparation

The goal over the summer is that all of the WPI students going to Venice will acquire a basic understanding and appreciation for Venice's Art, History and Culture, and will also master some essential Italian language skills.

Please note that the Italian tests will be available ONLY between some specific dates, so read carefully the Italian language requirements.
You will not be able to procrastinate the Italian exams.
You can complete the other assigments in the order you prefer, but we recommend you start with the CULTURE assignment, which should give you a broad view of the other two. Completing the Culture assignment first may also direct your selection of specific topics for the History and Art components.
So, please CLICK HERE RIGHT NOW, before you miss the first Italian test!

IQP Students

Your final ID2050 grade will be calculated based on 3 main components, each worth 1/3 of yor ID2050 grade:

  1. Art, History and Culture
  2. Italian language
  3. Project Preparation

Half of the Art/History/Culture component and half of the Italian component of the overall ID2050 grade will be assigned based on your performance on the summer package as explained below. So in essence, each of the two summer components counts for 1/6 of your ID2050 grade. You have three months to complete the assignments described below.

MQP Students

Since you are going to spend two months in Venice, and given the nature of your MQP, we do expect you to get to Venice with an understanding and appreciation for Venice's Art, History and Culture, plus with enough Italian to be able to function when you're there. Some knowledge of Art and History, as well as some level of Italian comprehension will also help you when you begin to delve deeper into our data repositories.
So, even though you will not be participating in the ID2050 preparation course, you are still expected to complete the summer assignments. While we highly recommend that during term A you continue doing some reading on your own, you will not be required to complete any more Art, History and Culture preparation after the summer. On the other hand, you will be required to participate in any additional Italian preparation that we may be offering in term A.

Summer Assignments

Both IQP and MQP students are expected to complete the summer assignments in their entirety. Failure to satisfactorily complete the assignments may jeopardise your participation in the off-campus program. Click here to see the assignments.

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