While You Are There

General Tips

  • You're not alone. Fabio, your fellow students, and the VPC staff can all be of invaluable assistance.


  • If you can spare €40, buy a phone when you get to Venice at a Vodafone outlet. 2007 students bought out the entire city's stock of Motorola C140 phones and found them useful and convenient. If you have a GSM phone here in North America, just bring it instead and plug in the SIM card that the Venice Project Center will issue you. You will need to recharge it with your own money, but will save on buying a phone.


  • Not all exchange counters accept debit cards, it is better and easier to simply have cash (exchange once your over there- bring about 200 euros for the trip and convert the rest when you arrive, it is cheaper) or use a credit card. Also, if you try to use a debit card, you might not be able to access your account overseas (if you have a "Cirrus network" card and can find an ATM to match, it should work, however).
  • If you must use debit, there is one exchange counter in the corner of Piazza San Marco near the Basilica that accepts debit cards.


  • Take a water taxi for any travel involving luggage. You don't want to have to drag it accross Venice. It's more expensive, but worth it.
  • Take the Alilaguna boat in from the airport. It takes 1 hour, is scenic, and if the weather is good, you'll never forget your first glimpse of Venice this way.
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